Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My How Time Flies

Wow didn't realize it had been that long since I was on here and posted. Since Dec. 2008, I have had our baby girl Emily in Aug 2009, and she is a doll. Big Brother Tyler loves her very much as we do. Emily adores her brother very much and lights up as soon as she see him.. I feel i'm in trouble when they both get older.. I think she will follow his every lead...LOL.

I'm now only working 4 days a week which is nice so I can be home with the kids a bit more, I have taken up bow making, it started as just a hobby for my to make things for Emily and my BFF's baby girl, but now thanks to some pushing from one of my fellow mommy friends on BM I have made my own etsy site to sell them, i'm slowly but surly getting there and I hope soon I can have more craft items on there besides bows. Maybe one day start making pageant clothing to sell too.

Tyler will be 4 this coming May and wow I can't believe he's almost 4, it seems like just yesterday he was a baby. Now he's all grown well as much as a almost 4 year old can be, he's smart and had totally learned how to play all of us to get what he wants (most of the time I don't mind, just as long as he's good) he is your typical crazy boy.. and I MEAN ALL BOY!!!!

Emily is almost 7 months old and I keep looking at her and going where did the time go. She is now stitting up on her own, and refuses to be on her belly has hated that since she learned to roll over at 4 months, I feel Miss Emily will learn to Walk instead of crawl for that reason. I call her my High Maintance Baby, she demands your attention at all times. and boy does she adore Nana (Grandma Shirley) just smiles at the mention of the name Nana...LOL, i'm so glad her great grandmother is able to watch her 2 days a week as is Lonnie's mom.. AKA Grammie and Auntie Pam spoil her and give in to her every demand which is funny because I let her fuss and they don't...LOL

Well enough of my rambling, I will be back sooner rather than later and I will hopefully figure out how to list my bow site on here...

Happy St. Patrick's Day

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